About Us

What started as a bad date in early March 2014 quickly escalated to an idea, “What if there was a way to learn from our mistakes?” That idea was then instantly scrapped for a better one. “What if there was a way to broadcast our mistakes on the internet for all to see?”

This is that experiment.

We are a loosely affiliated collection of bloggers and anonymous posters who have accumulated a vast knowledge of the dating world over the years, but failed to utilize any of it. We have learned nothing from our mistakes, and continue to stumble into pitfalls like toddlers learning to walk.

This blog is meant to amuse and entertain, it is not meant to inspire, and it is certainly not meant to provide guidance. We here at Evilsofdating.com cannot stress enough to not follow ANY of our advice in any aspect of your life. We are not responsible for any injury, be it emotional or physical, caused by listening to our asinine and egregiously ill-formed suggestions.