2014-04-21 11.53.55

Dating the Internet: A Saga

Suddenly, I was free of rejection. At the first hint of disinterest, at the first sign of a minorly inconvenient flaw (also known as a “dealbreaker”), I could give up entirely and return my glass to the never-ending tap of moderately attractive okcupid users.


Pasta Envy

However, every explorer, no matter how adventurous, has a place that even they dare not go. A cave so dark and menacing that they are certain it will eat them alive. For me, that place is pasta.


Prelude to a Breakup

Breaking up should be clean. When one person is in near-total control of the situation it falls to them to make it quick. There’s no benefit to dragging out the process or slowly ramping-down the relationship over the course of a last few dreadful dates. Primarily, though, it should be obvious.


TMI Pickles

I once told a guy that I was late to our date because I had stopped at home to eat a pickle. I really liked that guy, and I really liked those pickles.